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  • Live Simulcast Auctions

  • Timed Online Auctions (with Bid Extensions)

  • Pre-Bid Auctions (for sales with no telecommunication or internet service)

  • Combined Pre-Bid/Live Simulcast Auctions

  • Combined Absentee/Live Simulcast Auctions

  • Mobile Photo/Image App (takes photos and adds them to your catalogue in seconds)

  • Online Clerking (in-room or on-site)

  • Interactive online auction catalogue.

  • Hyperlinks to Seller's website.

  • Sale day live video.

  • Sound streamed directly to online buyers from the auctioneers microphone.

  • Remote online bidding via AuctionExchange App.

  • iPad and iPhone/Android device compatible.

  • Registered Bidders or Watch Only function.

  • Notification where online bids were placed, along with bid price, for both unsuccessful and successful online purchasers (upon request).

Did you know AuctionExchange also offer Professional Auctioneering & Ringman/Bidspotter Services?
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